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The Basics

1. What is Phori?
2. What types of connections can I make on Phori?

Getting Started

3. Can I change my Phori once it's created?
4. How do I start a conversation with someone?


5. What is Cred, and how do I earn it?
6. What are the different tiers of Cred?
7. What are connection levels? How do I raise my connection level?


8. Who is Myana?
9. How do I use Myana?
10. How do I report inappropriate behavior?
11. What happens if I don’t follow the community guidelines?
12. How can I request to be forgotten on Phori?
13. What if I have further questions about my data privacy?

Additional Information

14. How can I get more involved in Phori?
15. How can I get more help?

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